What has us hooked to playing games?   Feb. 13th, 2021

I identified several overarching concepts that hook players into wanting to continue playing a game. This is meant in a positive way; they want to keep playing because these things cause the game experience to be intriguing / fun. The powerful thing about that realization is that once the overarching concept has been identified, it's relatively easy to find additional kinds of hooks.

Direct democracy is the goal   Aug. 3rd, 2020

Our current economic system, capitalism, is not sustainable due to the incentive structure that is deeply ingrained in it. Under capitalism, the maximization of profit is necessarily always the ultimate priority. It is necessary because if one does not maximize profit, one’s competition will, resulting in one’s bankruptcy sooner or later.

This dire situation will be perpetuated as long as we have the breeding ground for corruption that is political representation. True democracy can only be direct.

The future of transportation   Jul. 22nd, 2020

The current transportation infrastructure is pretty dumb. Its 2D nature takes away enormous surface space where it's most valuable - it makes it so that the space where we humans live is not optimized for our organism, but instead for two-ton-death-machines. It's noisy, polluting, contributes to habitat segmentation, provides almost perfect conditions for traffic jams to occur, and is overall just very inefficient.

Both the infrastructure as well as the vehicles we are currently using is going to change quite drastically over the next years and decades. It won't take long before ICE cars are going to be seen like horse carriages.