The future of transportation   Jul. 22nd, 2020

The current transportation infrastructure is pretty dumb. Its 2D nature takes away enormous surface space where it's most valuable - it makes it so that the space where we humans live is not optimized for our organism, but instead for two-ton-death-machines. It's noisy, polluting, contributes to habitat segmentation, provides great conditions for traffic jams to occur, and is overall just very inefficient.

Today it's quite obvious already that the future of vehicles is both electric and autonomous. With autonomy, it becomes possible to deploy fleets of robo-taxis as an extremely inexpensive service, and with that, very few people will see any reason for owning a car in the first place. People probably will however still want to own things like e-bikes.

The infrastructure will become 3D mainly in that the bulk of it will be moved underground. This is implemented with a new generation of highly efficient boring tunnel boring machines. This will free up space on the surface which then can finally be properly optimized for the human organism, implying a much greener environment.

The following list gives an example of the kind of vehicles that will be deployed to cover the various needs of transportation for both people and freight.

  • People
    • Urban trips, commutes between villages, mainly on the surface
                        Passengers          Cargo
      • E-Bike          1-2                 Backpack-level
      • E-Roller        1                   Backpack-level
      • E-Unicycle      1                   Backpack-level
      • E-Cargo Bike    1 + children        Moderate, e.g. large grocery haul
      • FUV (e.g. Arcimoto)   2             Modular
      • Robo-taxi       *Choice between a range of models each of which
                         is optimized for a different common job
    • Intercity trips, long intracity trips, largely below ground (tunnels)
      • Robo-taxi       *
      • Hyperloop       20+ per pod
    • International travel
      • Hyperloop       *
    • High priority intracity or emergency transportation
      • Autonomous passenger quadcopter / VTOL
  • Freight
    • To end-consumer (last-mile)
      • Autonomous delivery quadcopter aka. drone
      • Autonomous pod (surface)
    • To distribution-center
      • Autonomous pod (tunnel)
    • Large distances, eventually replacing transportation by both water and air
      • Hyperloop