My First Game Jam: Summer Edition   Jul. 23rd, 2016

So I participated in the game jam mentioned above. That's cool.

I worked together with two other guys, one of which did the design and the other one provided the art. Using Pixi.js (a WebGL rendering engine) and Traviso (a framework for isometric games), I did all of the programming.

The game is a RTS, which is probably the last thing someone should go for when participating in a game jam, but oh well, what's there to lose? Nothing of course, but there's always experience to gain.

We did actually manage to build something more or less playable within time. Basically, all the core RTS mechanics are there, but tons of polish is missing... which had to be expected, I guess. Oh, and the AI of the PC controlled enemy is... well, it's a bit ridiculous to call that AI; I coded it within the last couple of hours before submissions closed. :D

If there's one thing I did learn, then it is about the benefit of working with a team. And the reason I say this is not because of the shared talent or something, but because of the motivation one feels when working together with others. It's a bit silly: The game I did for this game jam was really not one bit the type of project that I am normally interested in, but I still felt strongly motivated to spend several hours every day of the game jam's duration on it. Meanwhile, I have lots of great ideas in my head for projects I am really really interested in and passionate about, but somehow, I can muster less motivation to start working on those... how can that be!? Working in a team makes a difference like that.

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I am looking forward to my next game jam participation!