Prototyping progress - entity & collision systems   Mar. 20th, 2017

This shows my recent progress in prototyping a concept for a topdown game where you can explore and try to survive in an infinite world.

The problem with infinite generated worlds in most games is that they may be big, but empty. I think that doesn't have to be though. The issue with games that feel empty is that the developers simply focus too much on procedural generation, while I am looking for just the right synergy between procedurally generated and handcrafted content. For example, the drive to collect something is completely destroyed when the collectibles are generated. However, when collectibles are handcrafted and therefore unique as well as limited in nature, it can be extremely captivating to try to complete a collection. I believe that handcrafted content can go hand-in-hand with generated content, and that the two compliment each other when done right.

This is written in C++ and uses Perlin noise. Aside from the noise algorithm and the C++ standard library, it's entirely free of third-party code.

For now, it's using a very primitive software renderer that exists only for prototyping purposes and will be replaced later with a proper hardware accelerated renderer.