Having build hundreds of websites, with new projects I am always looking to add that unconventional extra bit of eye candy to keep it interesting. That is important to make a particular web presence appear unique; transparencies, animations, choice of color and gradients can all make tremendous differences when it comes to that first impression, however, the experience is completed only when paired with clear readability and a clean, intuitive navigation. The study and exercise of web design & development has become a passion of mine well over a decade ago, and if you are in need of a web presence for your company or yourself that grabs your visitors' attention, chances are that you've just found the right guy for the job.

What I can provide (click the headlines for more information)

Rapid prototyping & proof of concept

Other than this very page, I won't provide you with links to other websites I made. Instead, I will simply build one or multiple demo/concept websites for you within a day. This way or two, I can work with your input right from the get-go and you will see within the shortest time possible if I am able to provide you with what you are looking for. Other than your best effort to express clearly what it is that you need, I am not looking for any kind of compensation for demo/concept websites.

Everything is possible

If web browsers/servers support it, I can build it. Being well accustomed with the most recent web technologies HTML, CSS and JavaScript have to offer, as well as with server-side setup & implementions, I'll give you a "Sorry, that's not possible" only when you are actually asking for something that is in fact not supported by web browsers or servers. Disclaimer: There are some things I won't do, like Flash or Java-Applets, but that's only because there are much better alternatives nowadays.

Maximum customization

If you are looking to get a custom theme for Wordpress or the like, obviously I am able to provide that to you. However, in case you are in need of a more specialised content management solution, then I'll glady build a custom CMS for you, which will allow me to design every aspect of it with the purpose of your website in mind, which in turn allows for a maximum of optimization (less code, more efficiency), and more importantly, it allows me to easily implement very specific requests of yours. Simply put, everything will be more straightforward.

Help with setting up the hosting

I'll gladly provide adivce when you are unsure about which web hosting service to choose, and help you to set everything up; domains, FTP access, databases, and so on.

Continuous support

After completing a job, I'd be happy to stay in touch with you, so you can let me know every now and then if everything is working still. If any issues arise, I'll have a look and try to fix it as soon as possible, and if you have any additional requests, I'll see if/how I can help. I will only ask for additional compensation when I feel that a request of yours will require me to spend lots of time to get it done.

No hassle

This website is named Serenity Style for a reason. I am an easy-going dude. You can ask me anything. I won't cause any drama and I also know when it is time to be serious.


I ask for a compensation that matches what you are getting. This is what I have to ask for so I can make a living, but simultaneously, I won't try to squeeze out any extra. If you are interested, get in touch so we can exchange some more details.