Web & Game

Hi there. This is the personal website of some guy that is me. First and foremost, it hosts my blog. I write about anything that strikes my interest, though I also try to maintain a certain quality.

I build neat websites. Do you maybe need one for yourself?
At times, I do freelance web development: You can check the current status on the Website section.

I am also intrigued by the art and process of creating the interactive experiences that are video games. A special interest of mine is the design of juicy action combat, with a preference to the realm of 2D. Are you into game design & development as well? I'd love to get in touch! Probably. More information on all that can be found in the Games section.

Some general information on my proficiencies and other interests can be found in the About me section.

You can contact me by using the Ask me anything section,
or you can try Twitter: @serenitor