About me

My proficiencies


  • German Native
  • English Fluent

Professional experience

I've been working in Games Publishing for half a decade and have had titles like Game Master, Quality Assurance Tester, and Games Publishing Specialist. My activites mainly revolved around Community Management, Quality Assurance, and Customer Support for several Massive Multiplayer Online Games.

You can find a more detailed summary on my LinkedIn page.

Self-taught skills

Web Development

  • Web Design Well experienced
  • HTML Well experienced
  • CSS Well experienced
  • PHP Well experienced
  • SQL Well experienced
  • SEO Knowledgeable
  • Apache WebServer Basics

Game Developemnt

  • Game Design Knowledgeable
  • User Experience Design Knowledgeable
  • Engine Architecture Knowledgeable
  • C++ Knowledgeable
  • Nim Knowledgeable
  • Simple DirectMedia Layer Knowledgeable
  • OpenGL & GLSL shaders Basics

Web/Game Dev overlap

  • JavaScript or CoffeeScript Well experienced
  • Node.js and Socket.IO Knowledgeable
  • WebGL rendering Knowledgeable
  • 2D context rendering Knowledgeable
  • Emscripten Basics


  • Regular expressions Basics
  • Ruby Basics
  • Python Basics
  • LUA Basics

Up next

  • Pixel Art

A bit of history

I've been born in Bavaria (Germany) in 1990. I spent my early childhood watching my two older siblings play console games, and then got my first PC with like 11 or so, thanks to my brother buying new PC parts and letting me play lego with the old ones. A bit later, he also gave me this 56K modem, so naturally, I became a citizen of the Internet shortly after and proceeded ruining the remainder of my childhood.

After school I moved to Ireland to work there in Games Publishing. Five years later I moved back to Germany and now aim to be successful with freelance Web Development and independent Game Development.

Some of my interests

Should we ever meet in person, please be aware that I am practically unable to chit-chat. No, seriously, talking about nothing is very difficult for me. As soon we have some interesting topic going though, we gladly can argue and philosophize for hours on end.

Obviously, web design & development is an area I know a fair bit about. That's websites, server stuff, browser stuff, a bit of security & encryption, and so on. It's still kind of fascinating to me that I can spend one evening setting up an interactive experience that - in theory - could be accessed & seen by aldmost half of the world's population the very next day. Isn't that amazing? And with modern web technologies, we now can even embed hardware accelerated applications into websites. The possibilities are endless!

Next up, of course, is the art of game design & development. Video games, which pretty much combine all of the digital art forms into one and make them interactive on top of that, are arguably the most powerful medium of creative expression we know of. Getting a meaningful message across, having people lose themselves within an intriguing narrative, exploration, self-expression, and so much more - the medium of video games is truly amazing. But what got me hooked most is the feedback of fast-paced action. Some people call it "game feel" or "juiciness". It's the punch behind your attacks, it's what makes you cringe when you get hit, it entertains you for hours on end even when there's no NPC telling you what to do. And now there's Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality, too... I will just stop here, this paragraph is not supposed to be that long.

While only as a consumer this time, I also very much enjoy animation - mostly the Japanse kind. I guess the main thing I love about it is very similar to what I love in games. It's the over-the-top impact of furious action scenes. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Hunter x Hunter, Hajime no Ippo, One Piece, Hellsing Ultimate, Samurai Champloo, Rurouni Kenshin and Baccano! being a few examples. Other favorites are Furi Kuri, Great Teacher Onizuka, Fullmetal Alchemist, Eureka Seven and Soul Eater. Do you think we'd get along?

Lastly I'll mention consciousness exploration as a topic of great interest for me. Both the scientific and the philosophic part of it can keep me reading, talking and thinking for hours.